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There was a bet between Azura, the queen of dusk and dawn, and Sheogorath, the Daedric prince of madness - the unpredictable Sheogorath claimed provocatively: "Command one human disciple of yours to live in absolute isolation and solitude for the rest of their life - he's going to be madly insane, chew his fingers off his hands and declare them his friends!" The high goddess however, announced gracefully: "In strict meditation my human apprentice will spend his whole life in absolute isolation and solitude without even showing a sign of insanity or madness!" Thus spoke Azura, and thus it happened - her disciple spent his whole life in absolute isolation and solitude, but he was no longer human.
Not even the Gods know
Not even the gods know the influences of loneliness and solitude and isolation on mortals, so - how shall they know?

Btw, who wins the bet?
L a n g u o r by Saltario
L a n g u o r
This is me playing around with the camera of my new phone: I felt like I needed a new ID or an ID at all; also, I felt like putting space in between the the letters of the title - looks kinda more professional or whatever, don't take that too serious. Enjoy and comment, whether it's you don't like long hair on guys or - I don't know, just tell me. ;>
She told me her story
And I wouldn't close my eyes:
She feels like she could have filled a river with her cries.
She told me her story
And I would listen:
She prays for the sun to go down when she has risen.

She lays in her bed and fears the day,
Fears them all and what they're gonna say.
The clock does just not tick fast enough,
She always thought that she was tough:

Prepared for the merciless world outside,
Prepared for the horrors that haunt her at night -
To be the dangerous monster and beast
She expected her own kind the least.

Don't worry: she's alive,
That's why she told me her story.
Don't ever think that this is fun -
It could happen to anyone.

She just needed to vent some steam,
Nobody would hear her desperate scream.
Telling her story is not done yet:
She can't get those voices out of her head.

You ask: 'what is it she fears?' -
It's all the mean words she hears.
From all the things that can kill you in life:
Mean words - sharp as a knife.

She would then always show her fake smile
And she would lock herself into her room for hours;
She has not felt joy for a while,
That's why her story does not fit into a field of flowers.
Her Story
These are the lyrics of the song "Her Story" that gave my EP its name; I left out the rafrain though, since it does - in my opinion - only sound good in the song itself. You can here the whole song (the whole EP) on Bandcamp: . Enjoy!
'Whore, bitch, worthless, frog face, fat cow!'
Every swearword suits me now.

'She's dumb, ugly, weird - just be hurt!'
You wouldn't believe what I have heard!

'You know: you're a waste of space!'
It's like a punch right in my face.

'You are better off dead!'
It goes like a bullet through my head.

How do they find all those words?
So creative - so destructive.
I am surprised how much it hurts -
What have I done to deserve this?
The kids play outside
And against the coast rolls the tide;
Am I also still the same:
Is it my picture in this frame?

All my joy was fading away -
I dragged myself into the day;
It's still trying to smile -
All my dreams form a great pile.

On the street the same old sound -
Do I stand on solid ground?
Summer wind shakes the trees -
Am I down on my knees?

And the birds sing outside
And the groom kisses his bride -
Am I also still the same:
Is it my picture in this frame?
Getting Better
This is a part of the lyrics for a song called "Getting Better" - you can listen to it (and download it for free) on Bandcamp (… ). Enjoy!
Hey everyone!

I've been making music for some time and I've worked on this for longer than a year, but now it's finally done: my first EP "Her Story"!

My music-project is called "Languor", and that name has a deeper meaning to me than you might think: "Her Story" is not only her story; but basically it is - it tells the story of a girl, but not the "everything's-allright-baby"-story: it's a sad and melancholic story, yet it has something happy and blissful to it.

So, when you just came across my profile page, randomly or by mistake or by whatever, please head over to my Bandcamp- or Soundcloud-page (links below), listen to my music and if you happen to like it, download some songs or the whole EP - it is completely FREE!


Thanks and have a nice day!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Ein Mann wandelt auf einsamen Pfaden:
Ihm ist, als wandle er auf spitzen Nadeln;
Der Wind peitscht ihm grob in's Gesicht -
Die Last auf seinen Schultern spürt er nicht.

Mit jedem Schritte, den er geht,
Wird seine Spur im Staube verweht.
Hätte er sich selbst zu beschreiben -
Er würde zu Bescheidenheit neigen.

Er kennt sein Ziel, er weiß wohin,
Er weiß nur nicht, wie lang';
Umkehren kommt ihm nicht in den Sinn:
Er verspürt stets diesen Drang.

Wie lange wird dieser Mann noch wandeln?
Wie lange mit sich selbst verhandeln?
Ist das Ziel es wert, zu laufen?
Oder ist noch mehr da draußen?

Viele Fragen, nur ein Weg -
Als laufe man auf einem Steg:
Am Ende findet man das Glück,
Doch der Weg führt nicht zurück.

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